DoppleSleep: A Contactless Unobtrusive Sleep Sensing System Using Short-range Doppler Radar

Tauhidur Rahman, Alexander T. Adams, Ruth Vinisha Ravichandran, Mi Zhang, Shwetak Patel, Julie A. Kientz, Tanzeem Choudhury


In this paper, we present DoppleSleep -- a contactless sleep sensing system that continuously and unobtrusively tracks sleep quality using commercial off-the-shelf radar modules. DoppleSleep provides a single sensor solution to track sleep-related physical and physiological variables including coarse body movements and subtle and fine-grained chest, heart movements due to breathing and heartbeat. By integrating vital signals and body movement sensing, DoppleSleep achieves 89.6% recall with Sleep vs. Wake classification and 80.2% recall with REM vs. Non-REM classification compared to EEG-based sleep sensing. Lastly, it provides several objective sleep quality measurements including sleep onset latency, number of awakenings, and sleep efficiency. The contactless nature of DoppleSleep obviates the need to instrument the user's body with sensors. Lastly, DoppleSleep is implemented on an ARM microcontroller and a smartphone application that are benchmarked in terms of power and resource usage.