Noninvasive Hemoglobin Measurement using Unmodified Smartphone Camera and White Flash

Edward Wang, Junyi Zhu, William Li, Rajneil Rana, Shwetak Patel
The new version of HemaApp enables the smartphone to measure hemoglobin with only the use of the white flash led


We show that a mobile phone can measure hemoglobin levels using the built-in RGB camera and white LED without modification. Prior work has demonstrated that a smartphone using the built-in RGB camera with the aid of visible and IR lights can achieve a Pearson correlation results between 0.69-0.82 and an RMSE value between 1.26-1.56 g/dL. Our system builds upon the prior work and demonstrates that with only the built-in white LED, the estimation of hemoglobin level has a Pearson correlation of 0.62 with an RMSE of 1.27 g/dL. This extension work demonstrates that it is feasible to measure hemoglobin without using an IR source.