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  • Teaching old microphones new tricks, 'The Economist. June 2013 [Read More]

  • Tracking Lung Health With a Cell Phone Nidhi Subbaraman, Technology Review. January 2013 [Read More]


  • What Comes After the Touch Screen? Will Knight, Technology Review. October 2012 [Read More]

  • New app claims to simply measure lung capacity. Eric Johnson, KOMO 4 TV. September 2012 [Read More]

  • Touchscreens learn your habits to help you type faster. Jim Giles, New Scientist. June 2012 [Read More]

  • Beyond Kinect: Gestural computer spells keyboard death. Jim Giles, New Scientist. May 2012 [Read More]

  • Microsoft Research projects offer new takes on gesture sensing. Nick Barber, IDG News Service. May 2012 [Read More]

  • Gesture Sensing Alternatives Use Radio Interference, Doppler Effect. Nick Barber, PCWorld. May 2012 [Read More]

  • Cool Microsoft Research Takes Kinect to Another Level. Mark Hachman, PC Magazine. May 2012 [Read More]

  • Unlocking the lab and launching companies. Emily Parkhurst, Puget Sound Business Journal. April 2012 [Read More]

  • Shwetak Patel interviewed on KCTS TV. April 2012 [Watch]


  • Amazon’s Bezos spends hours in computer science labs, checking in on the future. Todd Bishop, GeekWire. December 2011 [Read More]

  • UW 360 video on Shwetak Patel. December 2011 [View]

  • Sensing a good vibe. Glenn Fleishman, The Economist. October 2011 [Read More]

  • Better typing while walking, and other cool stuff from UW. Todd Bishop, GeekWire. October 2011 [Read More]

  • Meet clean energy’s smart guy. Greg Hanscom, Grist. October 2011 [Read More]

  • MacArthur Award for Smart Home Innovator. Erica Naone, Technology Review. September 2011 [Read More]

  • How MacArthur “Genius” Shwetak Patel Is Creating the Intelligent Home. Stephanie Warren, Popular Mechanics. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW Professor Shwetak Patel Wins MacArthur Foundation 'Genius' Award, Communications of the ACM. September 2011 [Read More]

  • 'Top Innovator' wins MacArthur 'Genius Award'. Steve Wehrly, Seattle Business Magazine. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW professor's curiosity lands him $500,000. Jonathan Martin, The Seattle Times. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW’s Shwetak Patel Named “Genius Grant” Recipient for Work on Sensor Networks. Curt Woodward, Xconomy. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW’s Shwetak Patel wins MacArthur Genius Award, and $500,000 to go with it. Todd Bishop, Geek Wire. September 2011 [Read More]

  • NRI Shwetak Patel recipient of 2011 MacArthur Fellows. The Times of India. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Winners of MacArthur Foundation award include 10 people who focus on science. The Washington Post. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Energy genius wins MacArthur grant. Jess Zimmerman, Grist. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Technologist wins 'genius' award for sensor tech. John Roach, MSNBC. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW faculty member awarded 'genius grant'. Seattle PI. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Shwetak Patel wins MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Award. Seattle 24x7. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW professor given $500,000 "genius grant" to spend on whatever. Jamie Griswold, Ross and Burbank Show on 97.3 KIRO FM. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW professor awarded 'genius grant' of $500,000. KING 5 News. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW faculty member awarded 'genius grant'. KOMO News. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Energy Monitoring Innovator Wins MacArthur Grant. Richard Spinger, India West. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Young UW Professor Awarded MacArthur Grant. Charles Mudede, The Stranger. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Belkin Congratulates 2011 Macarthur Fellow Shwetak Patel. Belkin. September 2011 [Read More]

  • MacArthur Energy Genius Wins Award For Innovation That Can “Change Our World”. Lauren Navarro, Environmental Defense Fund. September 2011 [Read More]

  • 10 Scientists among 2011 MacArthur Foundation “Genius Grant” Winners. John Matson, Scientific American. September 2011 [Read More]

  • UW Professor School'e Newest 'Genius', Erica Thompson, The Daily. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Possessions key for Georgia Tech. Ken Sugiura, Atlanta Journal-Constitution. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Georgia Tech Graduate Named 2011 MacArthur Fellow. Georgia Tech News. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Alabama-born Shwetak Patel named 2011 MacArthur Fellow. Sherrel Stewart, Birmingham News. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Remote Control, With a Wave of a Hand. Anne Eisenberg, The New York Times. September 2011 [Read More]

  • Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops. Thomas Goetz, Wired. July 2011 [Read More]

  • Microsoft transforms wall surfaces into control panels. Edwin Kee, Ubergizmo. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Electromagnetic Fields Offer Next Big Controller Gimmick. Earnest Cavalli, The Escapist. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Microsoft Sees Human Body as an Antenna. Leslie Meredith, LiveScience.com. May 2011 [Read More]

  • CHI '11: Enhancing the Human Condition. in R&D Magazine. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Turn your home into a giant game controller. Tim Hornyak, CNET News. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Making Your Wall An Input Device. Ben Rooney, The Wall Street Journal. May 2011 [Read More]

  • If You Could Talk To Walls - Your Body As An Antenna. Jaime Reygie, InventorSpot. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Electromagnetic tech turns walls into touch-sensitive inputs. Jonathan Angel, WindowsForDevices.com. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Now, control home appliances single-handedly with 'human antenna' in Sify News. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Could Microsoft Turn Our Bodies into Antennas?. Matt Peckham, TIME. May 2011 [Read More]

  • How to make a human antenna. Alyssa Danigelis, Discovery News. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Microsoft to turn your flat into a control pad. Caleb Cox, The Register Hardware. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Microsoft motion controller concept kicks sand in Kinect's puny face. Brian Heater, Engadget. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Turn everyday objects into touch-sensitive controllers. Kelly Hodgkins, Gizmodo. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Turn your entire home into a game controller. Jim Giles, New Scientist. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Talking to the Wall: An experimental interface from Microsoft turns any wall into an interactive surface. Kate Greene, MIT Technology Review. May 2011 [Read More]

  • Are phones with haptic feedback in our future? in Hackaday. April 2011 [Read More]

  • Monitoring all the electrical and hydraulic appliances in your house. Andrew Appel, Freedom to Tinker, January 2011 [Read on Freedom to Tinker]


  • A New Home Network. Alex Hutchinson, Popular Mechanics, p. 15

  • Squeezable Cellphone Gives Firmness-Based Feedback in Popular Science [Read on PopSci]

  • Sensors Use Building's Electrical Wiring as Antenna. Kate Greene, Technology Review. September 2010 Read More

  • Home's electrical wiring acts as antenna to receive low-power sensor data. Hannah Hickey, UW News. September 2010 Read More

  • Home wiring as an antenna: Discovery spawns UW startup. Todd Bishop, TechFlash. September 2010 Read More

  • UW team develops sensors with 50-year batteries. Brier Dudley, Seattle Times. September 2010 Read More

  • SNUPI's Smart-Home Sensors Communicate Via the Copper Already in the Walls. Clay Dillow, Popular Science. September 2010 Read More

  • Researchers Turn Home Electrical Wiring Into Antenna for Sensor. Gabriel Perna, International Business Times. September 2010 Read More

  • Built-In Electrical Wiring Could Directly Monitor Home Energy Use. Ariel Schwartz, Inhabitat. September 2010 Read More

  • Turning Your Home Wiring Into a Giant Antenna. Slashdot. September 2010 Read More

  • Sensors Turns Houses Into Smart Homes. Matt Liebowtz, Tech News Daily. September 2010 Read More

  • Smart home sensors use electrical wiring as an antenna. Darren Quick, Gizmag. September 2010 Read More

  • Home's electrical wiring acts as antenna to receive low-power sensor data. R&D Magazine. September 2010 Read More

  • An Antenna Breakthrough. New Energy and Fuel. September 2010 Read More

  • Low-power sensor data over power lines. Energy Efficiency & Technology (EET). September 2010 Read More

  • Home's Electrical Wiring Acts as Antenna to Receive Low-Power Sensor Data. Communications of the ACM. September 2010 Read More

  • Beyond the Smart Grid: Sensor networks monitor residential and institutional devices, motivating energy conservation. Communications of the ACM, Vol. 53 No. 6. Tom Geller. June 2010. Read More

  • Smart Tech Measures Personal Water Consumption. Discovery Channel News. May 2010. Watch Video

  • Infrastructure Sensors Improve Home Monitoring. IEEE Computer - Computing Now. George Lawton. January 2010. Read More

  • While current technology is deployed, UW researchers work on next-generation devices. UWeek. January 10, 2010. Read More


  • Use technology to keep track of your carbon footprint, Bill Pfleging, KTNV, Las Vegas. November 30, 2009.

  • NPR’s “Living on Earth” features Hydrosense technology. July 24, 2009. Read More

  • Sensors for Tracking Home Water Use Sensors track devices' electricity, water, and gas consumption from one spot. Kate Greene. MIT Technology Review. June 30 2009. Read More

  • Eco Gadgets: Computer professor develops water consumption monitoring device. Anupam. Jun 30 2009. Read More

  • HydroSense wins Environmental Innovation Challenge at the UW. Roni Ayalla. TechFlash. April 3, 2009. Read More

  • HydroSense. Luke Timmerman. Xconomy. April 2, 2009. Read More

  • Competition sparks environmental innovation. Michael Truong. UWDaily. April 2, 2009. Read More


  • NPR's The Loh Down on Science covers research on improving air-conditioner efficiency. National Public Radio. Oct 23, 2008.

  • Adapted aircon can track movement in the home. Colin Barras. New Scientist. May 16, 2008.

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