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The ubiquitous computing (UbiComp) research lab, led by Prof. Shwetak Patel, focuses on many areas of ubiquitous computing including novel user interface technology, energy sensing, low-power sensing, health monitoring, and activity recognition by applying expertise in sensing, signal processing, embedded systems, circuits, and human-computer interaction.

The ubicomp lab consists of an interdisciplinary team of students (CS, EE, CE, ME, etc.) to tackle challenging research problems both from building the enabling hardware to the deployment and evaluation of these technologies in real-world settings.

We collaborate very closely with UW Professors: Yoshi Kohno (CSE), James Fogarty (CSE), James Landay (CSE), Les Atlas (EE), and Brian Otis (EE). In addition, we have close collaborations with Desney Tan (Microsoft Research Redmond), Steve Hodges (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Matt Reynolds (Duke ECE), and Intel Research Seattle.

Undergraduates and Masters students interested in conducting research in the Ubicomp lab must fill out an application at least one week before the start of the quarter: Ubicomp Lab Research Application

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