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Water Fixture Usage with a Single Sensor



HydroSense is a pressure-based sensor that automatically determines water usage activity and flow down to the source (e.g., dishwasher, laundry, shower) from a single non-intrusive installation point.

We are currently working on visualizations of this data to reduce water waste in the home. If you are interested in this, please email jonfroehlich@gmail.com

Lead Researchers

Jon Froehlich, Eric Larson, Shwetak Patel


Tim Campbell, Gabe Cohn, Elliot Saba, Eric Swanson, TienJui Lee, James Fogarty, Les Atlas


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  • Patel, S., Fogarty, J., Froehlich, J., Larson, E. (2009) Sensing Events Affecting Liquid Flow in a Liquid Distribution System. US Patent Pending.
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