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Electrical Device Energy Usage with a Single Sensor





ElectriSense is a single plug-in sensor that provides whole home device level usage data. That is, using a single sensor plugged in anywhere in the home, ElectriSense can infer which electrical appliances are on and which off. This data could be used for numerous applications, for example, for providing home owners with itemized electrical bill that not only shows the total energy consumption but breaks the total on a per appliance basis (TV consumed 20 KWh, Lighting consumes 18 KWh and so on).

Patent Pending

Lead Researchers

Sidhant Gupta, Shwetak Patel


Matthew Reynolds


  • Gupta, S., Reynolds, M.S., Patel, S.N. ElectriSense: Single-Point Sensing Using EMI for Electrical Event Detection and Classification in the Home. In the Proceedings of UbiComp 2010 (Sept. 26-29, Copenhagen, Denmark), ACM, New York, 2010, pp. 139-148. Best Paper Award [Acceptance Rate: 19% (39/202)] [pdf]

  • Froehlich, J., Larson, E., Gupta, S., Cohn, G., Reynolds, M., Patel, S. N. (2011). Disaggregated End-Use Energy Data for the Smart Grid. IEEE Pervasive Computing, Special Issue on Smart Energy Systems, To Appear in Jan-Mar 2011.

  • Patel, S.N., Robertson, T., Kientz, J.A., Reynolds, M.S., Abowd, G.D. At the Flick of a Switch: Detecting and Classifying Unique Electrical Events on the Residential Power Line. In the Proceedings of Ubicomp 2007. pp. 271-288. (Received Best Paper Award and Best Presentation Award) [pdf]
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